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Believe in Better for Your Future: Your Guide to Holistic Retirement and Financial Planning

Author: Michael K. Macke, CFP®

“This book is not about investments, stock markets or annuities, but a completely different take on finance.”
– Michael Macke

In Michael’s introductory book, he presents a candid analysis of the current state of the financial services industry. Michael illustrates that it’s no longer about doing what’s best for clients; instead, Wall Street has taken over and many advisors only care about the bottom dollar. Clients aren’t educated about their options and are pressed to purchase products that may not be in their best interests. For this reason, Michael felt a need to create a book that reads like a “how to” manual. After all, each client has their own story and goals. This is a must-read for anyone ready to take back control of their retirement planning.

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Believe in Better

The Bucket Plan: Protecting and Growing Your Assets for a Worry-Free Retirement

Author: Jason L. Smith
Foreword by: Michael K. Macke, CFP®, Vice President & Principal Advisor

“Your greatest questions about retirement will be answered…”

In Jason L. Smith’s best-selling book, you’ll meet a fictional real-life couple as they plan for their retirement journey. Representing a typical American family, Jerry and Irene have worked hard to build their savings and are now at a place to live a successful retirement. Jason Smith outlines a three bucket plan process that, through the progression of the book, illustrates how Jerry and Irene have a clear understanding of how their money is allocated, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. This is a must-read for anyone seeking a secure retirement, free from stress, worry and confusion.

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The Bucket Plan

Retirement Done Right: Don’t Just Inve$t…PLAN!

Author: Jeannette Bajalia

“This is not a one-size-fits-all strategy; it is uniquely customized. In all the years I have been solving problems, I have yet to see one plan look exactly like another.” – Jeanette Bajalia

Driven to educate readers as though they’re sitting in her own office, Jeanette created this guide to clearly outline the differences between investing and thoroughly planning for retirement. There’s much more to creating a diverse and customized retirement income plan than simply investing, and Jeanette poses the questions every single pre-retiree should consider. Jeanette’s clear and concise prose illustrates that just as each person’s life story is different, so must be their strategy for achieving a fulfilling retirement. This is a book that will offer a clear path to anyone feeling overwhelmed about not only how – but why – to effectively plan for an abundant retirement.

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Retirement Done Right

Planning a PURPOSEFUL LIFE: Secrets of Longevity

Author: Jeannette Bajalia

“Often in life we get curve balls…While we are scratching our head, wondering why our life took this or that unexpected direction, we are being groomed. Prepared. Readied to do what we are put here on this earth to do. I believe this.” – Jeanette Bajalia

Back with another critically acclaimed book, this time Jeanette serves as a storyteller. She illustrates her life’s passion of helping seniors by sharing their stories – personal, hilarious, devastating and inspiring. Woven into each interview is Jeanette’s central theme of planning and how it can help to ensure a purposeful life. Her broad range of experiences – from being a caretaker to her parents to guiding clients through their own financial planning – further exemplify how her passion and purpose for active longevity should be something we all strive to know.

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Planning a Purposeful Life

Daily Perspectives for Creating an Abundant Life

Author: Jeannette Bajalia

“What changes would you make in your life if your birth certificate had an expiration date on it?” – Jeanette Bajalia

This is the question Jeanette poses to the reader in the introduction of her fourth book. Rich with quotes by notable people along with her own philosophies and research, the book serves as a tool to facilitate positive life planning. Each section is a thematic topic containing inspirational quotations, Jeanette’s own thoughtful questions and experiences and pages for note-taking. It not only encourages but demands the reader’s participation as a way to acknowledge and accept life’s challenges, and in turn resolve to feel and share hope for the future.

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Daily Perspectives for Creating an Abundant Life

The mindset for longevity starts with a strong mental attitude.