Q: What makes Petros Planning different from other firms?

A: While some advisors focus on only one or two parts of your financial life, such as saving for retirement, we provide a big-picture approach. We believe in building holistic life plans, addressing four key components: Financial planning, tax planning, health care planning, and estate planning.

We believe in a personal touch, and we customize your life plan for your unique goals and circumstances. We also build plans that adapt and grow when major life events occur or your goals change. It’s our goal to help you achieve a sense of security and confidence about not only your financial future but also your total well-being.

Q: How will you decide where to put my money?

A: As independent advisors, we don’t work for a company – we work for you. We have access to a wide variety of financial tools from many companies, and we carefully select the right solutions to address your personal needs. We serve our clients as a fiduciary, meaning we always provide advice that puts your best interests first.

Q: What should I bring to my appointments?

A: Bring your list of questions! Your meetings are a great time to talk with us about your concerns. You should also bring documents containing information about your finances, including:

  • Your most recent tax return
  • Investment and retirement plan statements
  • Life insurance and annuity statements
  • Pension and Social Security statements
  • Updated trust documents

Q: What information can I expect to get from our meetings?

A: There are three overarching questions we should answer during your reviews:

  1. How much progress have I made towards my financial goals?
  2. Are there any new laws or pending legislation that might impact me?
  3. What steps should I take to address overcome potential obstacles in the path toward my goals?

Q: Who is your typical client?

A: The individuals and families we work with want to know that they can retire and not run out money. They are thinking ahead about how they will fund health care and long-term care costs. Most of them want to provide for the people and organizations they love after they’re gone.

Through our Woman’s Worth® program, we specialize in addressing the unique challenges women face in retirement. We also work with small to mid-size business owners, creating strategies for business continuity and retirement planning.

Q: Once my financial plan is finished, will our relationship end?

A: No. We won’t just give you a plan and send you off with best wishes. Once we’ve presented a customized set of solutions, we’ll work with you to implement them and continue to monitor your progress as you work towards your goals. We’re here to act as your guide along the way.

Q: What happens if something in my life changes?

A: Life happens, and your plan should be updated when it does. During your annual review, we’ll look at your strategy and ensure it still matches your unique circumstances. If you need to make minor changes throughout the year – updating your mailing address, for example – you can call or email us with your new information.

If you have a significant life event, such as a change in work status or the death of a spouse, we encourage you to schedule a time to come in and talk with us. We’ll review your available options and make any necessary changes to your plan.

Q: How often will you be in touch with me throughout the year?

A: Our clients hear from us frequently in a variety of ways. We schedule regular review meetings, where we not only look over your accounts but also talk about what’s happened in your life since we last met. This conversation helps us identify if your goals have changed and how we might need to update your life plan to achieve those new goals.

We’ll often reach out by phone or email with market information that might affect you. As a client, you’ll also receive our quarterly newsletter via regular mail, where you’ll find useful tips for living your best life. We’re always here to answer your questions, especially when you’re feeling uncertain about your money or nervous about financial news.

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