Financial planning for those who want to
live life with style.

You want more than just an average life. Instead, you want to live the kind of live you’ve always dreamed about, no matter what your age or circumstances.

We help you build and keep the lifestyle you want by designing a personalized Lifestyle Protection Plan® just for you.

As a holistic advisor, we’ll create a plan that focuses on creating the lifestyle you want. Your plan includes input from licensed professionals that cover all aspects of your life, including financial, legal, insurance, investment, health care and taxes.

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Financial & Income Planning

Planning for retirement is a top concern for many of the people we work with. Through our financial planning process, we identify how much income you need to sustain your lifestyle in retirement. Then we work with you to devise a strategy to fill the gaps, using a variety of tools and methods.

  • Cost of Retirement
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Lost Income Analysis
  • Risk Tolerance and Fee Analysis
  • Money Bucket Strategies

What steps will you take today to make the rest of your life the best of your life?

Tax Planning

Did you know that the most significant expense most of us pay in our lifetimes is taxes? Yet we often mistakenly believe how much we pay in taxes is out of our control. We use proactive tax planning strategies, identifying methods for keeping more money in your pocket both now and in retirement.

  • Tax-Efficient Income Distribution Strategies
  • Proactive Tax Planning for Required Minimum Distributions
  • Analysis of Portfolio for Tax Efficiency

Make it your goal to handle all your affairs with wisdom, truth and the facts.

tax planning

Health Care Planning

We’re paying more than ever towards our health. As we live longer, our need for health care grows, especially for those with chronic illnesses. While you can’t always predict future health issues, you can prepare for them. We can help you identify and address potential health care and long-term care needs.

  • Smart Strategies for Health Care Costs
  • Funding Approaches for Long-Term Care Costs

Health is one of your greatest treasures as you navigate your retirement journey.

Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard throughout your life. Now you want to ensure that the people and organizations you care about are protected and provided for even after you’re gone. We help you pass your wealth on to your heirs, creating a personal legacy that lasts.

  • Compliance Review of Legal Documents
  • Beneficiary Audit
  • Trust Audit

Success in retirement is commensurate not only with financial well-being, but with nurturing the mind, body and spirit with positive thoughts and affirmations.

estate planning